CREACT4MED Team Shines at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Days in Tunisia

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02 Décembre 2023
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7 Minutes
A diverse group of individuals standing in front of a majestic building, showcasing unity and admiration

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In a vibrant celebration of innovation and collaboration, the CREACT4MED Team took part in a two-day conference in Tunisia, expertly organized by Redstart Tunisia. The event marked the second edition of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Days, focusing on the theme of “Intersection” among various economic sectors, including green and blue economies, Orange economy (creative and cultural industries), and social economies.

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The event proved to be a tremendous success for RedStart Tunisia, with over 1300 online registrations, 600 active participants, 12 innovative startups/SMEs showcased, 50 speakers and experts sharing insights, 120 participants engaged in 4 Masterclasses, 250 participants attending 7 training workshops, and 35 press articles, radio interviews, and TV features covering the event.

A diverse group of individuals seated on chairs in front of a screen, engaged in an activity or event

CREACT4MED Project Coordinator, and Senior Project Manager at EMEA, Maria Ruiz de Cossío,  participated in a panel discussion titled “Cultural and Creative Industries: A Key Partner for Sustainable Economies in the Southern Mediterranean.” along with 4 representatives of the CREACT4MED incubators: Ms. Hiba Labib, CEO of NilePreneurs Incubate in Egypt; M. Fouad Assef, CEO of Nucleus Ventures in Lebanon; Ms. Marwa Cheikh Youssef from La Startup Factory in Morocco; Ms. Leila Hizaoui, Project Manager of Minassa Tunisia. Other esteemed panellists included Ms. Saloua Abdelkhalek, Director of TICDCE Incubator; M. Talel Sahmim, Project Manager at Creative Tunisia; and Ms. Bochra Zaier Aouadi, professor and University Researcher at ESSEC de Tunis, co-founder of a CCI  master’s degree.

The conference showcased the diverse expertise and perspectives of these industry leaders, emphasizing the vital role of cultural and creative industries in fostering sustainable economies in the Southern Mediterranean.

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The CREACT4MED team, along with Redstart Tunisia, also seized the opportunity to explore Hub Minassa and Hub design Danden. The visit was complemented by a networking cocktail at Bait Al Hikma bringing together CREACT4MED partners, project entrepreneurs, speakers, and local ecosystem guests.

A diverse group of individuals standing in front of a majestic building, showcasing unity and admiration

CREACT4MED looks forward to building on this success and continuing to contribute to the flourishing cultural and creative industries in the region.

CREACT4MED is a project funded by the EU through the EuropeAid Programme, which aims to strengthen businesses with the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). It seeks to support entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs, create jobs, and foster sustainable economic growth in the Southern Mediterranean, with a particular focus on young people and women.

A diverse group of individuals standing together in a spacious room, engaged in conversation and interaction

It is led by Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) (Coordinator), with the partners Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (BUSINESSMED), and Redstart Tunisia.

Find out more about CREACT4MED at their website :

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