Meetup : Let’s talk crowdfunding

Redstart was glad to welcome Mr Michel KALUSZYNSKI et Mr Fortuné Bawubadi AHOULOUMA, members of the FRAM ( Finance Participative en Afrique & Méditerranée) who were here in order to animate a debate about crowdfunding.

The participants were informed about subjects like juridical crowdfunding in Tunisia, Technological impact over the startup finances as well as the tips behind the successful participative financial campaigns.


Michel KALUSZYNSKI : Michel KALUSZYNSKI: Partner – Director of WISEED, leading equity-crowdfunding platform in France.

Engaged in the solidarity and cooperative economy as well as  participative finance since 1994, he is the co-founder of several solidarity finance structures (CIGALES TO7, SCIC SA IES). He is also a representative within structures such as CODEV Métropole, MPA, Crédit coopératif, and Incubateur social Métropole.

Fortuné Bawubadi AHOULOUMA : Fortuné Bawubadi AHOULOUMA: Attorney at the Paris Bar and Doctor in Law.

Committed to sustainable development and passionate about information and communication technologies (ICT), he is involved in  problematics related to ecological transition and digital transformation in  LABS-NS  LAWYERS, large groups and Start-Up Tech in their various projects in Europe and Africa.