Access to Finance for Startup Growth

The co founder and CEO of redstart Tunisia Douja ben Mahmoud gharbi participated in a meetup “ Access to Finance for Startup Growth” organized by Cogite coworking space. And also with the participation of ABConsulting, la Banque Mondiale, Flatlabs et FabSkill.

The members of this discussion talked about the financial barriers that startupers will face as well as the best tips that allow them to find the perfect investor.

Participants :

Douja Ben Mahmoud Gharbi: CEO and co-founder of RedStart Tunisia.

Yehia Houry: General Manager of Flat6Labs Tunisia.

Hela Jelassi: Cofounder and Consulting Investment & SME Advisor at Alternative Business Consulting.

Anas Jaballah: specialized  Consultant  in the venture capital industry.

Walid Bellagha: General Manager of Endeavor Tunisia.


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